Suicide Prevention Month

World Suicide Prevention Month 2023: Promoting Hope and Resilience


World Suicide Prevention Month, commemorated every September, works as a key reminder of the worldwide challenge of suicide and the need for collective action towards preventing it. In 2023, amid the challenging times characterized by high inflation rates and post-pandemic issues, the significance of this month has never been greater.

Celebrating World Suicide Prevention Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness, offer support, and promote mental health resilience among the public. The main intent of this article is to explore the significance of World Suicide Prevention Month in 2023 and highlight key strategies for preventing suicide.

The Ongoing Battle

Globally, suicide remains a weighty public health issue, with approximately 800,000 people dying yearly. However, examining recent studies, the Covid-19 pandemic impacts have exacerbated the problem.

Various issues, including people isolation, economic hardships, and mental health services disruptions, have all contributed to increased suicide rates. Hence, it is key that we devote this month to addressing the mental health issues worsened by the pandemic.

Promoting Awareness and Education

One of the main ideas of World Suicide Prevention Month is to increase awareness about suicide and mental health. In 2023, the focus has been destigmatizing mental health issues and encouraging open conversations on suicide and its causes.

With such an objective, communities, schools, workplaces, and people can all play a key role in raising awareness by hosting conferences, webinars, and educational programs on suicide prevention. If the public understands suicide warning signs and risk factors, we can identify people needing help and offer support.

Supporting Those in Crisis

When faced with a life-related crisis, immediate support can be a lifeline. In this case, suicide hotlines, crisis intervention services, and mental health experts should be readily accessible to offer on-time help to those in need. In all countries, initiatives should be implemented to endorse these services, ensuring people can reach out without fear of judgment. Stigmatization tends to decrease help-seeking and vice versa.

Fostering Resilience

According to a journal article by Sher, resilience is a crucial factor in suicide prevention. Building resilience helps people undergoing mental health issues to cope with life’s challenges and bounce back. Various social places, including schools, churches, workplaces, and communities, promote resilience by offering stress management programs, teaching coping skills, and creating safe spaces for expression. If resilience is well nurtured, we equip people to face life-related difficulties with strength as well as determination.

Supporting Vulnerable Populations

Various populations experience a higher risk of suicide as compared to others. For example, veterans, the homeless, and those with a history of mental health issues have a higher risk of committing suicide as compared to the rest of the population.

During World Suicide Prevention Month, it is imperative to recognize the unique challenges the above groups, among others, face and offer targeted support. Such can involve tailored awareness campaigns, specialized services, and increased outreach efforts to reach these vulnerable populations.

Reducing Access to Lethal Means

Reducing access to lethal means is a crucial strategy in suicide prevention. This strategy reduces access to tools and methods that can be used in self-harm or suicide.

During this month, advocacy for responsible firearm ownership, safe medication storage, pesticide control, education and awareness creation, among other measures, can save lives. Communities and policymakers should join forces to implement the above measures and ensure that people in crisis cannot easily access harmful methods.

Building a Supportive Environment

Another strategy for reducing suicide cases is through creating a supportive environment. In this case, communities should work together towards promoting inclusivity, reducing discrimination, and encouraging social connectedness.

According to  Kleiman and Liu in their journal article, social support is a significant protective factor against suicide. It also fosters a sense of belonging.


In summary, World Suicide Prevention Month in 2023 is a call to action for the public, communities, and nations to come together and address the global suicide crisis. By promoting awareness, supporting people in crisis, fostering resilience, and targeting vulnerable populations, we can collaboratively progress in suicide prevention.

In a world that has experienced unprecedented challenges, this observance is a reminder of the importance of mental health and the need for compassionate, evidence-based strategies to save lives. Together, we will make a difference and bring hope to those who need it most.

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